Coursework for the Master's course Computational Data Science: Advanced Programming
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# Mandelbrot ( N = 1600 )
Py3: user 7m16.759s
Py3: real 7m50.435s
CPP: user 0m0.049s
CPP: real 0m0.049s
# NBody ( N = 10^6 )
Py3: user 0m7.129s
Py3: real 0m7.113s
CPP: user 0m0.959s
CPP: real 0m0.956s
# Spectral Norm ( N = 2*10^3 )
Py3: user 0m36.421s
Py3: real 0m36.408s
CPP: user 0m0.261s
CPP: real 0m0.071s
The difference between the user and real time for CPP is explained by the multithreading.